Can You Metric

Can You Metric

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  • Sorry Abby, but we have to go and your little sisters are sick
  • You will need to give them medicine, you know what to do.
  • Okay Mom and Dad
  • Okay, girls, Mom and Dad left so I need you to go to the living room so I can give you your medicine 
  • Abby give the kids 3 Fluid Ounces of Medicine.  And Keep Beds 6.5 feet apart!!  -Mom and Dad
  • Scene 1: Abby's Mom and Dad just left her alone with her two little siblings. But her brother and sister are sick and now need medicine. 
  • Then when using the staircase method we have to move down 3 steps as you go from the basic unit to the centimeter unit.  This gives you the end product of 0.08 cm. 
  • Abby was instructed to give the girls 3 fl oz of medicine. But only has measurements of cm. ! fl oz is equal to 88.72 cm.
  • Then after this, you transfer it into scientific notation by making the number over then one but less than 10. It turns into 0.023*20 (1). But it isn't over then 1 so you move the decimal and get 2.310(-2)
  • Abby now transfers fl oz into mL. 1 fl oz equals 0.0078125 mL you then multiply that by 3. This gives you 0.0234375 mL.
  • Then to transfer it into scientific notation it goes to the power of 10. this transfers it into 88.72*10 (1). But it can't be over 10 so it will make it to the power of 2 and the decimal moves over to make it 8.872 *10 (2)
  • The Using the staircase method you go up 3 times because mm is 3 steps away from the Basic unit. This gives you 0023.0 
  • Scence 2: Abby tells her brother and sister what to do as she finds out how much to prepare for her little siblings. 
  • The kid's beds has to be 6.5 ft apart. In 1 foot there is 0.0003048 km, you then multiply that by 6.5. The answer is 0.0019 rounded to the nearest hundred. When you put it into scientific notation it will be 1.988*10 (-3). Then using the staircase method the decimal move making it 0.0019km
  • Abby now has to transfer fl oz into L. 0.0295735 L is equivalent to a fluid ounce. You then multiply that by 3 and get 0.088, in scientific notation this will be 8.8*10 (-2). Using the staircase method it will equal 0.088 as it doesn't move. 
  • The kid's beds have to be 6.5 ft apart but Abby can only measure by cm.1 ft= 30.48cm. Then you multiply that by 6.5 and get 1898.12cm. After this you turn it into scientific notation 1.98*10 (4). Then when using the staricase method you move up 2 so you move the decimal over which turns it into 1.98 cm. 
  • The beds have to be 6.5 ft apart. 1 ft is equivalent to 0.3048 meters. You then multiply 0.3048 by 6.5 which gives you 1.98 m(rounded to the nearest hundredths)  in between the beds. In scientific notation, it will be 1.98*10 (1). Then with the staircase method, the decimal moves 2 times making it 1.98m
  • Scene 3: Abby's Brother and Sister go to the living room as Abby finds instructions. Abby Find a problem though as has to convert feet into kilometers, centimeters, and millimeters. She also has to convert Fluid ounces into millimeters.
  • Scene 4: Abby Converts the Fluid Ounces into Millimeters, after this she turns it into scientific notation and lastly she uses the staircase method to get her final answer. She also Converts the feet into kilometers, centimeters, and millimeters. Then turning all these into scientific notation and the staircase method. 
  • Scene 5: Abby finishes converting the medicine amount and converts the distance between the beds. 
  • Scene 6: (Top)  Abby gives the kids 88.72cm of medicine, or 0.023 mL of medicine, or even 0.029L of medicine. The girls drink up and are ready to go to bed.  Scene 7: (Bottom) Abby separates the bad making them 0.00030km, or 0.30mm, or apart. After the kids then go to sleep reach their beds they fall asleep almost immediately. The END!
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