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The foundation of Tenochititlan
Updated: 2/20/2020
The foundation of Tenochititlan
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  • They stopped at a river to rest and saw and eagle on a cactus eating a snake.
  • The people called it a sign and the children were confused about what everyone was talking about.
  • The Aztec people have been walking for months trying to find a home. They kept walking until they got a sign from the Gods.
  • The ancient priest told the children the story of why the eagle is so important.
  • The priest said...
  • The priests started "The gods wish us to leave our home. ‘Some of our brothers have gone there already and are serving as soldiers for the rulers of other tribes. These brothers have sent back word that there is a huge valley there with plenty of water. They say we may have to fight the people who live there to force them to let us in. We fear no men, only the god. A few days later, they put all that they could carry onto their backs and set out for the promise of green valleys with plenty of water for drinking and growing crops.That was many years ago, but our people have never been settled for long. For years we have sought the sign of our new home, predicted by the gods long ago. The gods said that when the Aztec people saw an eagle on a cactus eating a serpent, they would know that they had found their true home. Now you can see why this is such an important day for our people. At last, we have found our home."
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