Updated: 9/10/2021

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  • From your family,,,
  • To kids at your school...
  • Even your teachers...
  • Making friends at school can be easy and hard...
  • their honesty, see if they are trustworthy, make sure they are nice to you, have playful friends and have friends that actually love you for you.
  • Qualities to look for in new friends are
  • People who you are friends with should not talk about you, be mean to you, and tell your secret if you tell them any.
  • Ways to know if you have a fake friend...
  • Activities to do with your friends
  • You can play games together, have sleep overs, go to the park, read books, draw and paint together and Ride your bikes.
  • A good friend is someone you can have fun with them when you're around them. Good friends know how to cheer you up whenever you're sad. Someone whos going to have your back all the time. So chose your friends wisely.