Reasons for migration
Updated: 6/11/2020
Reasons for migration
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  • Lisburn is so cracker, we are so lucky to live here in NorthernIreland! Well, apart from the horrible weather!
  • You're so right Orla, we are so fortunate. Sometimes I feel guilty when I see the news and hear about other places in the world....It really is dreadful.
  • What do you mean, what sort of things happen in those countries to make them so unfortunate?
  • Well, they could be living in poverty, be extremely poor because of a corrupt government who discriminate the disadvanteged and of poorly paying work and jobs.
  • WHAT!? I didn't realise that such horrible things happened in the world. But wait, why don't they just leave their homes to escape this injustice?
  • Well that's exactly what happens! You see, all these bad situations are push factors, reasons to make you want to leave a place. And when that happens it is known as emigration!
  • Wow, that's really cool. But wait, what is it called when someone enters a different country after emigrating?
  • That is called immigration. Here in the UK, the population is growing. This partly due to natural change, when more babies are born, but more due to migration change, as more people choose to live here.
  • But why is that happening, what other reasons do they have for coming here to the UK?
  • There are many reasons for immigration, some economic, for jobs and better wages, social, to be closer to family or for marriage, or environmental issues, through severe shortages or natural disasters.
  • Ok, let me guess, some of those are pull factors, that attract people to another place?
  • That's correct, well done! Migrants can be beneficial to the UK, as they bring new cultures and foods, fill job gaps, and help increase tax payment. Migration is great, but is being restricted today. Hopefully in the future migration will become easier, and more free!
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