Language Movie Pitch Project 18/12/2019
Updated: 1/8/2020
Language Movie Pitch Project   18/12/2019
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  • Scene 1 / Establishing Shot
  • Scene 2 / Two Shot & Dialogue
  • Why don't they let us join them! What did we do wrong!
  • I agree, they aren't even cool enough. They just want to disturb us! 
  • Jeff and Woly are too annoying! This is why we never invite them.
  • We didn't do anything Jeff. They are just very stubborn!
  • Scene 3 / Long Shot & Eye Level
  • Come on Jeff, just push a little harder. We can do this!
  • I'M TRYING! ITS VERY HARD! We can do it!
  • A lot of times, the older brother David would always invite his "favourite" brother Harry to his house but not invite Jeff. This was starting to annoy Jeff, so he called on his friend Woly the tiger to help him with his problem. This scene is an establishing shot because there are cuts, and the transitions.
  • Scene 4 / Tracking Shot
  • Those annoying animals kicked me out of my own house! This is not over!
  • I strongly agree with you David, those animals don't know what they're doing! Fools.
  • Jeff thought that with Woly, he could force them to quit this habit. Woly was at Jeff's service and helped him every step of the way; but his help was not enough either. The two friends are in a tough situation, both disappointed and angry. This scene is a two shot because there are two characters present in both settings. At the same time, there is dialogue between them. 
  • Scene 5 / Zoom
  • I think this is a good place to stay for now
  • After almost losing hope and getting frustrated, Woly and Jeff had enough and decided they were going to break into David's house. Together, they both aimed for the garage door. Inside the house, David and Harry were confused and scared. This is the climax in the story. This scene is a long shot because it displays the full body of the characters. In the bottom setting, it also pictures the characters at eye level to bring attention towards them.
  • Scene 6 / The End!
  • After Woly and Jeff successfully broke into the house, they took all of David and Harry's belongings, and kicked both of them out of the house. From that point, the house belonged to Woly and Jeff. They acted the same way David and Harry did before. This scene is a tracking shot because all the action is being followed by the camera, especially since both character groups are in awkward positions now.
  • We've finally managed to stop the two pigs... well done Woly!
  • Yes, we are now done with those greedy pigs. Thanks to you as well Jeff
  • From that day on, David and Harry both learned a valuable lesson which is that you need to be generous towards others. If they do not show respect to others, they will be the ones who lose more. This scene is using zoom because since this is the end of the story, the camera is zooming out of the action away from the characters. 
  • *David Grunts* HARRY, GO TO SLEEP!
  • THE END!!!
  • The End!
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