Updated: 9/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • During the 1000s AD
  • What did the Emperor of Constantinople do in 1095
  • Help
  • Why did people go on the crusades
  • In 1000 AD the Muslims and the Turks both invade the holy land and gained control of the land
  • what happened to the presents crusade
  • The emperor Alexios the first wrote a letter to Pope urban the second to ask for help to defeat the Turks and Muslim invaders
  • what the knights did in 1099
  • The people who went on the crusades were told that 'Christians were being killed by the Muslims and that they need to take the holy land to protect them'
  • what did the knights of the first crusade set up in the holy land
  • the peasant's crusade was where the peasants attacked towns
  • The Knights captured the holy land after a month of fighting
  • they split the land and then started building castles