Christopher Columbus
Updated: 9/24/2020
Christopher Columbus

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  • Christopher Columbus was a sailor by the age of 25 the ship that he was sailing was hit by a France pirate. He swam to the nearest shore which is the coast of Portugal.
  • By: Sophea, Cheata
  • I should swim to the nearest shore.
  • He moves in with his brother in Portugal and opens a shop sold map to the sailor. He did meet his wife Dona Felipa Moniz de Perestrello. And He has a son whose name Diego.
  • Oh, I need a map.
  • Hi , Mr. what did u need?
  • Christopher Columbus wanted to travel to the indies. He believed that he would reach theirs quickly by traveling to the west. He went to ask for help to get money for a voyage from the King of Portugal and France but they denied. Suddenly in 1492, the king and queen of Spain agreed to help him. Christopher Columbus has achieved three ships the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
  • Thank you, your highness.
  • Ok, we will accept your request.
  • He start his journey in august and in October he found an island off the coast of Florida. He called it Local indies actually he found new world.
  • I think I found Indies, I will name it San Salvador.
  • After he discover American ,he spread the new to everyone in spain. Whereas, the first discovery actually was the Vikings, led by Erik the Red, in the year 985 which was 500 year before Columbus. However, He didn’t shared his discovery with other European.
  • He is the first European to discover America
  • I have discover American
  • He changed the world by introducing the land - hungry Europeans to America. He set everyone exploring and reshaped the world afterward. Through columbian exchange it caused a huge increase in population in the old world
  • He led a total of four expedition but never accomplished his first or original goal. He proved the world wasn’t flat. Had impact on the history of mankind
  • The end
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