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  • Charles Darwin was born on February 12th 1809. In 1831 he graduated from college.
  • After Darwin graduated he did not know what to do with his life. His parents wanted him to be a doctor but, Darwin did not want to be a doctor.
  • Darwin decided to sign up for a 5- year voyage around the world. He was a naturalist, which is a scientist that study's nature. During the trip Darwin discovered many things which made him come up with a theory about evolution.
  • One discovery that Darwin found was the difference between the way a finch acted, based on their habitat. He found that the same type of Finch gets their food differently based on their enviorment.
  • This discovery made Darwin puzzled and confused. But After struggling with his ideas for about 20 years he came up with a hypothesis about how this could have happened. Darwin proposed that the theory of evolution happened through natural selection. Natural Selection is where well-adapted organisms survive and reproduce more successfully, then less well adapted organisms do.
  • Darwin died on April 19th 1882. His discovery helped scientists find out the parts he was missing like , how variation occurs.
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