The Redhead and the Three Snobs
Updated: 4/1/2021
The Redhead and the Three Snobs

Storyboard Description

Story: The redheads dad just recently got a job opportunity so they moved from Raleigh to LA. The redhead went to look for new friends when she came across a nice mansion, she rang the doorbell when no one answered she just walked in. There were 3 filet mignons sitting on the stove, the first one was too bloody for her and the second steak was too tender and the third steak was coked just right. The redhead was getting bored eating her steak alone so she decided to watch some Netflix on one of their phones, the first phone had a number combination, the second phone had a long word combination and the third phone was just right because it had no combination. After the redhead was done watching Netflix and eating her steak, she wanted to go on a drive. The redhead wandered into the garage and decided to take the first car for a drive and it was too slow so she took the second car out for a drive and the pedals were too far from her feet so she hopped into the third car which was a tesla and it was just right, after the redhead got back from her drive she sat in the tesla and watched some YouTube on the Tesla screen. After a few hours of sitting in the tesla the three snobs got home and caught the redhead sitting in the tesla so they yelled at her and the redhead got scared and drove off in their tesla and never returned to the house again.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! There's a girl in our tesla!
  • I've got to get out of here!
  • The End