The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 8/25/2018
The Most Dangerous Game
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  • Rainsford is on a yacht with his comrades, when sees an island in the distance. All of sudden they hear three gun shots.
  • Rainsford falls into the ocean, the yacht starts get some distance, and eventually disappears into the dark night. Rainsford swims to the island where he is all alone in a jungle.
  • As he walks through the jungle he finds this big mansion, he goes up to the door and knocks, then a big guy named Ivan, holding a revolver in his hand opens the door.
  • Then another named general Zaroff greets him and says he knows who he is because hes read one his hunting books. General Zaroff welcomes him to come in and eat as they eat general Zaroff tells Rainsford that he hunts people.
  • Rainsford doesn't agree with Zaroff's methods so Zaroff decides to go and hunt him, Rainsford sets traps, and hides in a tree. Ivan and a dog die to some of the traps, while Zaroff only hurts his shoulder.
  • Eventually Rainsford jumps off a cliff, into the water and swims to Zaroffs mansion, he enters his room, and hides in there. Soon Zaroff finds him and tells him that he won, Zaroff dies, and Rainsford gets to have the best sleep he's ever had in his life.
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