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Language Arts
Updated: 10/14/2019
Language Arts
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  • Character vs. Character
  • Character vs. Society
  • CUBA
  • Character vs. Nature
  • Mom Dad!
  • Isabel and her family are close to Miami but are being chased by a coast guard ship. pg. 246" Halt! This is the United States Coast Guard. You are in violation of US waters. Remain where you are and prepare to be boarded
  • Character vs. Character
  • Cuba would not let the passengers off of the M.S. St.Louis and sent them back to Germany. pg. 219"I have asked to see president Bru, to appeal to him personally for you not being allowed to disembark. But he would not see me."
  • Character vs. Society
  • Mahmoud's boat crashed so he and his family have ended up in the water. With their lifejackets ending up to be fake they struggle to stay afloat. After seeing a glowing phone Mahmoud is able to locate his mother. page 159
  • Character vs. Character
  • Chabella come back!
  • On their way out of Aleppo Mahmoud's family runs into some soldiers. They don't know who the soldiers support so they have to be very careful what they say. But as the lead soldier motions for them to stop Mahmoud gets more and more anxious. Page 69
  • Whoever hasn't been dropping bombs on us!
  • Who do you support?
  • After being awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of breaking glass Joseph sits up in bed. As he looks out into the hall a glimmer of moonlight reveals a tall shadowy figure lurking just outside his door. Joseph yells for his mama and papa but the shadowy figures get him and his sister first. Pages 1 and 2
  • Mama! Papa!
  • After Isabel's father participates in a riot he starts getting beaten by a Cuban police officer. After Isabel trys to intervene she two is about to be beaten. But right before the police officer can swing his club it is caught by a younger officer. Page 28
  • Please Stop!
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