Life of a Scribe
Updated: 3/31/2020
Life of a Scribe
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  • Every day the scribe gets up and heads off to fulfil his duties. He is lucky, If it weren't for his father having this occupation he probably wouldn't have it. As a scribe, he is privileged. He is one of the special people who learnt how to write
  • Here the scribe writes in the ancient form of writing hieroglyphics. He writes important religious pieces of writing as well as other important Egyptian topics
  • He continues to write, idea after idea. Soon he gets up to teach young privileged children how to write. He knows from experience, that it's much easier said than done.
  • He arrives to teach the children. All of them ready to learn and become a scribe. He knows that many of them will make many mistakes in the lesson
  • The scribe dismisses his class. Many of them messed up their writing several times. His day is over. He can now go home to his loving family.
  • The scribe returns home. On his way, reflecting on how fortunate he is. He knows how easily he could have been a peasant working in the farms.
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