Updated: 2/1/2021

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  • Santiago stopped to look at a sword for a while. When Santiago was looking this is when his new ¨friend¨ left with Santiago´s belongs.
  • Leaves quickly and quietly.
  • woah that sword is so cool!!
  • When Santiago had the courage to turn around his friend was gone and no where to be seen. ¨All around him was the market, with people coming and going, shouting and buying, and the aroma of strange foods but nowhere could he find his new companion.¨
  • I lost everything!
  • After
  • ¨I promise that I would make my own decisions.¨
  • Santiago cried the next morning when he figured out that everything from him was stolen from him. He wanted to give up because he had lost everything. He realized the only thing was left was the stones the old man gave him and he decided to do the experiment.
  • Santiago started to clean the merchant´s window and after some time when Santiago was done they went out for lunch. That's when the merchant wanted to ask Santiago if he would work for him because he knew it would bring him customers.
  • ¨I´ll work for you!¨
  • To be continued.....
  • ¨Do you want to work with me?¨