Athena the Blind cat

Updated: 1/11/2019
Athena the Blind cat

Storyboard Text

  • Days after I was born, I opened my eyes . I remember seeing the beautiful trees and colorful flowers, in the woods I call home.
  • "Its pretty amazing, I think you'll like it here Athena."
  • "Wow... its prettier than I could ever think of," I said.
  • I looked around and everything was vibrant and colorful.
  • As I grew I older my vision got very fuzzy and blurry and I did not know why.
  • I remember my parents always asking me why I was squinting so much. I would always reply with, "I just can't see."
  • We soon found out that me losing some of my eye sight was genetic and that it could be fixed. So we decided we would go on an adventure to get me these things called glasses.
  • One day we went to find a rare type of glass to make glasses for me to see again. It was a far travel, but it was worth it. We ended up finding the glass and we made some glasses for me.
  • I could smell the sweat, salty air from the water, and the water was clear like ice. The water flowing sounded like it was alive.
  • I started to cry because I could see again and I was just super delighted. Wow. It was just amazing.
  • "Wow! I can finally see again, it's still beautiful," I said.