Effects of smoking
Updated: 11/16/2020
Effects of smoking

Storyboard Text

  • Sure Dude, looks awesome!
  • Hey Bro, try this cigarette. Its so chill man.
  • Man, this is great.
  • *Smoke*
  • Told you dude
  • *Smoke*
  • His lungs after smoking 100 cigarettes in 1 week.The smoke and dust from the cigarettes contaminated and damaged the lungs and has clogged the passage ways. The dust particals build up in your lungs forcing you to cough and the tinker dust particles can get into your heart vessels and damage lung tissues well.
  • A few months later.....
  • I feel kinda dizzy too
  • *cough cough cough choke choke cough cough choke cough cough choke cough*
  • Why am I coughing so much???
  • Hello? 911, I think somebody collapsed!!
  • *collapsed*
  • Awwww, dang it!!!How could smoking do this to me?
  • R.I.P to **** who died from smoking
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