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Past Simple COMIC
Updated: 9/30/2020
Past Simple COMIC
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The incredible story of SHOSHI and JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hey Jack! How are you?
  • Hey Shoshi! I am fine! How are you?
  • There are just four spelling rules, so it is super easy to remember! 1. Usually we just add -ED- to the end of the verb. 2. If the verb ends with an -E- we just add -D-. 3. If the verb ends with a -Y- and before comes a consonant, we omit the -Y- and add -ied-.4. If the verb ends with CVC and the last syllable is stressed, we double the last letter and add -ED-. we don't double V, W, X, Y and ZOh! I forgot to mention that there are also irregular verbs, which need to be memorized in advance.
  • Actually, not that good... I am not ready for the test today
  • It is OK! The material is very simple. I can help you
  • Past simple is very simple! First of all, we use past simple to describe things that happened in the past and already finished. A positive sentence is structured as follows: subject + v2 + the rest of the sentence. When we turn a sentence into negative, we use "didn't" + v1 + the rest of the sentence. When using the verb "to be" we use was/were.
  • In order to ask yes/ or questions we use the auxiliary verb "did"+ subject + v1 + the rest of the sentence.When we ask WH questions, we use the question word + an auxiliary verb + the subject + v1 + the rest of the sentence. When using the verb "to be", we use was/were + subject + adj.
  • Wow Jack, You have been talking for an hour! Thank you very much!
  • You're welcome! That's what friends are for!
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