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Antigone Sophocles
Updated: 2/15/2019
Antigone Sophocles
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  • In this scene Antigone is trying to make Ismene feel guilty for not helping her bury Polyneices. Antigone is doing what he thinks is right while Ismene wants to not break the law.
  • "You have made your choice; you can be what you want to be. But I will bury him;"(54-55)
  • "They mean a great deal to me; but I have no strength To break laws that were made for the public good."(62-63)
  • In this scene Haemon is trying to get Creon to change the law because he thinks it is very wrong.
  • "In flood time you can see how some trees bend, And because they bend, even their twigs are safe." (80-81)
  • "You girl-struck fool, don't play at words with me!"(126)
  • In this scene Creon tell Haemon that his voice is the only voice with power in the whole city. Then Haemon says how a good city does not take orders from one voice.
  • ¨My voice is the one voice giving orders in this city!¨(105)
  • ¨It is no city if it takes orders from one voice.¨(106)
  • In this scene Haemon is proving that age does not have anything to do with intelligence. Creon believes that since he is older and wise that he knows moe than Haemon and that it is morally right to do it.
  • ¨You consider it right for a man of my years and experience to go to school to a boy.¨(95-96)
  • ¨It is not right, if i am wrong. But if I am young, and right, What does my age matter?¨(97-98)
  • In this scene Haemon is saying that Creon´s right to make this unfair law is very wrong. While Creon is saying that it is his right to do it.
  • ¨You have no right to trample on God´s rights.¨(113)
  • ¨With justice, when all that I do is within my rights?¨(112)
  • This is where Creon talks about what he is going to do with Antigone and the pain she will suffer. That is based on the law he will not break.
  • ¨I will carry her far away, Out there in the wilderness, and lock her, Living in a vault of stone. She shall have food, As the custom is, to absolve the state of her death. And there let her pray to the gods of hell: They are her only gods: Perhaps they will show her an escape from death.¨(142-147)
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