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Updated: 2/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Ronald was part of the rear guard so when the enemy attakced from the rear he defended his comrades while telling them to stop the army and defend aganst the enemy. He dies before his comrades could help him. 
  • The hammer was a important noble in the kings court and had a lot of military power. This let him make desicions that affected the whole country as you can see here.
  • Charlemagne spread christianity thorugh " the tip of his sword" wherever he conquerd. This meant that wherever he conquerd land he would force them to become christian or else they would die.
  • The christian god was always with us. He helped us get the victory!
  • The battle of Tours is one of the most important battles in history. It was a battle between the Christian Franks and the Muslim Arabs/Berbers from the conquered land of Spain.
  • Louis the Pious was the son of charlemagne and was deeply religous. His name meant that that he was devoted to god.
  • Clovis was the First Fanish king to accept christianity. He converted after winnig a battle because one of the clouds had the shape of a cross.
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