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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A group of men meet at the polis every 10 days and only the best land owners had power.
  • Athens was ruled over by Kings and were molded into oligarchy and aristocrats
  • Solon was giving the Athenians aristocrats hope on solving their problems, but even tho the aristocrats were powerful both the peasants and aristocrats couldn't own land which lead to a Tyranny
  • A politician named Draco was codified laws and with harsh penalties and included slavery. A general had then canceled the act of giving the poor land
  • The Cleisthenes had later created a council of 500 which contained of male citizens and the Athenians were give authority to pass laws for debates which opened a basis for Athenian Democracy
  • Pisistratus, an aristocrat, seized power and tried to trade with the Athenians but they declined which had ended the Tyranny . Two years later Cleisthenes gained the upper hand.