Updated: 10/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Another day another sale done. Already the third this week and i'm just getting started but the paperwork is trouble.
  • Rohit just in time you have to complete this paperwork as well as the previous two i told you right?
  • NO! sir i have to go on a date i can't do the work promise to do it by next monday.
  • These kids can't be trusted for anything might have to google solutions for this now i heard something about virtual assistants.
  • These VIRPA guys look nice got decent reviews and Indian origin too no harm in trying i guess with the first month free.
  • 1 month in and the results are better than ever the sales have increased and client response immaculate.
  • Finally a vacation and i can attend more open houses too thanks to these VIRPA guys.