Fallacies 3
Updated: 2/7/2020
Fallacies 3

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  • I still think that living with universal care would be like a dog getting a nice bone for free.
  • Still wrong! That's a false analogy because universal care has nothing to do with dogs
  • But there is no doubt that universal health care would be bad for the American people!
  • That's equally wrong; you used the fallacy of self-evident truth because you asserted a 'common knowledge' statement with no evidence.
  • A poll says that 90% of people think that universal health care would be great.
  • Where is that poll from, and who were the participants?
  • The poll is from fakenews.com, and the participants were at a Bernie Sanders rally...
  • This is a fact and figures fallacy because your data is a one-sided figure