Sociology project
Updated: 1/17/2021
Sociology project

Storyboard Text

  • How to explain to your child that their Mother ran off and joined a cult
  • But he told me I was ugly and that we could be ugly together!
  • First step:sit your child down
  • Third step:Try not to scare your child and start small
  • Second step:try to stay calm
  • DO Your Mother has decided to go on a vacation with some 'friends', some might call this joining a cult.
  • DONTYour Mother went mad and joined a crazy man with a bunch of crazy women to worship him.
  • Fourth step:alert the child it might be a long vacation
  • Answer their questions but be careful about giving too much hope, she did go psycho and might end up in jail
  • what happens when they ask questions?
  • I am not sure. To a compound in California. I am not sure Billy it might just be you and me for a while
  • But why did she leave? Where did she go? When will she be back?
  • DO: We probably won't see Mommy for a while...DON'T: we may never see her again Billy.
  • Step 5:Now to distract the child get them ice cream
  • How about we get some ice cream?
  • Remember!Tell your child to not tell other that their Mother joined a cult.
  • Mommy joined a cult!
  • I haven't seen Sara in a while, how is she?
  • What happens when you turn on the tv and find out mommy and her cult friends were arrested?
  • Turn the tv off
  • Breaking News!Cult members arrested