Updated: 4/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • wanna buy some furs man?
  • im so tired but we have to beat the snow
  • its the us destiny to move territory and democracy.
  • Mountain men in Oregon countrythey are rugged individualists- follow there own independent course in life. Also they made profits selling furs.
  • we are not adding Texas
  • The Oregon Trail it is a 2,000 mile route west to Oregon country.pioneers had to beat the snow i n five months and they traveled 15 miles a day.
  • This will be the church of Jesus Christ
  • Manifest Destiny it is destined by god to expand united states territory and democracy across North America. it was used to justify american beliefs.
  • we need that gold now !
  • Mexican-American warThe us refused to add Texas, senate feared war with mexico. They refused a deal where they get California and new mexico for 30 million dollars.
  • Mormons in UtahMormons are members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. It was founded by Joseph smith in 1830.
  • California gold rushMore than 80,000 people came to California looking for gold in 1849. There was gold fields and gold mines.