Updated: 4/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • what are you doing today
  • why? nun of your business.
  • day 1
  • for some reason today ____ was bring kind of rude today
  • oh no thats i good idea though ill ask her
  • well i asked her what she was doing and she said nun of my business
  • oh well maybe she's having a bad day did you ask her if something was wrong
  • that is kind of odd what was happening?
  • day 2
  • us just ignoring each other for the rest of the day
  • why did she just walk past me
  • days 2-7
  • hey are you okay? you were kind of rude to me the other day and it was unusual
  • yes of course
  • ohhhh, you know you could of told me other than just being rude these couple of days.if you want we can talk about it now though
  • actually to be honest, no. something happened to me a couple of days ago and i have just been acting off from it. im sorry
  • yah im sorry, can we be friend again?
  • day 7
  • i ended up talking to her about it after a couple of days, i hated not talking to her
  • but she was just having a bad time and now we are back to being friends
  • thats good, i new something had to of been wrong she doesnt usually act like that
  • day 8
  • the end