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Updated: 9/30/2019
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  • That's cool andres but the lemon hanging on the tree is a example of a BALANCED FORCE
  • look john this lemon could be a example of a UNBALANCED force 
  • yes because of gravity its a force that acts on everything and when the lemon grows so does its mass so its easir for gravity to pull it down
  • john do you know why lemons fall from the tree they grow on
  • do you know why a car would stop if you let go of the pedal
  • yes cause friction would stop it
  • John is saying that the lemon hanging on the tree is balanced because no force is stronger than each other so its not falling down but just hanging there but the lemon on the ground is not balanced because it fell which meant that gravity was stronger than the other forces
  • Nope do you ?
  • yes i do its all the forces of a object summed up
  • do you what a net force is 
  • john explains what gravity is to andres and how it works
  • yes motion is when a object changes position from a speific reference point
  • yo john do you know what motion is
  • andres ask why would he car stop if you go of the pedal and friction would be the reason
  • woah andres you just demonstrated force by pushing that box
  • they are talking about what a net force is
  • john is explaining what motion
  • andres pushed the box and john say that he just demonstrated force cuase ofrce is a push or pull 
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