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Updated: 2/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo? Forget about your father change your name. Or else, if you won't change your name, just swear you love me and I'll stop being a Capulet.
  • It's only your name that's my enemy. You'd still be yourself if you weren't a Montague. What even is a Montague? It isn't anything like a limb or a part of a human. He's as sweet as the smell of a rose. Romeo would be perfect if he wasn't called Romeo. I want him to trade in his name. It really has nothing to do with him. I'd let him take all of me in exchange for his name
  • Juliet I was listening to you and I trust your words. Just call me your love, and I will take a new name. From now on I will never be Romeo again. 
  • I would be satisfied if we made each other true promises of love for tonight. 
  • I already have pledged my love for you and if your intentions as a lover are ot marry me send a message to tell me where and when we'll be married.
  • My soul depends on you sending a messanger tomorrow. I don't want to leave right now because if I do it will make me feel as miserable as a schoolboy going to school.