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Updated: 3/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • No, I have these weird red bumps on my arms that really hurt
  • Are You ready to go to school
  • Why dont you try to go to school and call me if you need to go to the doctor
  • Ok, I will call you if I need to go
  • Ok go ahead, and Meagon you dont know it what he has is contagious
  • Teacher I need to call my mom to come pick me up
  • My son has really big and itchy bumps on his body
  • Yeah they really hurt
  • What brings you guys here today
  • I dont know
  • Do you have any clue what my son has
  • What is that mommy
  • It appears to us that you son has smallpox
  • I the a vaccine that my son can get
  • Thats really good, thank you doctor
  • Yes there is we can give it too him in a couple of days. Just keep him away from other people
  • Your very welcome