battle of kardesh part I
Updated: 2/16/2020
battle of kardesh part I
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  • MARCO! you peasant dont worry BAbalonia is a kinda strong kingdom they can holdem back for a while and after that we would be dead so go and fetch my tea!
  • WOW this kingdom must be super strong and i think that the battle of kardesh is a good name or the war that i will win and be crownd the greatest king.hhahaha
  • SIRE SIRE!we are all in trouble there was a surprise attack at babalonia by a unknown surprise empire known as hatussa they're home is no where to be found near any rivers and they are great at warfare
  • 5th.don't worry Assyria will take care of them and BABALONIA is terrible in war
  • 4th.oh yes sire thank you for reminding me they have defeated Babalonia
  • 3rd.oh shhh he's coming,so how the empire,Marco (chuckle)
  • 1st.And then he said that there is a forth empire and they will kill us all and yada yada and they are awesome at warfare
  • 2nd.hehehehehehehe
  • and lets get to planning
  • they're troops have already started there plan to kill Egypt i have proof as after the battle they dropped a important map in ASSYRIA
  • actually they already defeated ASSYRIA
  • AHHHHHHHGET THE FINEST military generals
  • huh!ohhhh yes the battle for Kardesh sounds great!now lets plan
  • sir we should have the war in kardesh as its in the mid of Egypt and the powerful empire so that who wins gets the great king and kardesh
  • lets fight now in kardesh and for kardesh and against Egypt solders fight
  • Good job men with the inventioin of the new and improved warfare chariot
  • let the battle of kardesh begin!release the arrowwe have the most largest army we will slaughter you
  • You might have the largest army but we have the largest brains unleash the death chariot and attack and slaughter for brotherhoodahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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