task 2
Updated: 5/19/2020
task 2

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  • I´m fine thank you
  • Hello Estefania, how are you ?
  • I went to San Andres 2 weeks ago
  • Where did you go this vacation?
  • What activities have you done in San Andres?
  • I was for five days
  • I have swum in the sea of 7 colors and I have eaten some fishes too
  • How many days have you been to San Andres?
  • I liked the sea, the people, the culture and the music for this trip
  • I have been twice
  • How many times have you been on the island?
  • What did you like about San Andres?
  • Perfect, it was a great experience. Did you like it ?
  • Yes, I liked so much
  • -See you Estefania. Take care-Goodbye Aldy