Life of the Buddha
Updated: 2/10/2021
Life of the Buddha

Storyboard Text

  • Lumbini Park: Siddhartha is born.
  • Let's name him Siddhartha!
  • One day, Siddhartha asked his charioteer to take him outside the kingdom.
  • Two days later, Queen Mahamaya died.
  • The King's advisors made a prediction about Siddhartha.
  • On the first visit, he met an old man. Curiously, he asked the man why he was walking the way he was.
  • Siddhartha will grow up and become a monk, not a prince!
  • I will shield you from the distressing things of the world
  • Take me on a journey outside the castle!!
  • Okay...
  • I have pains from my old age
  • What is wrong?