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The Tell Tale Heart Snippet
Updated: 10/16/2020
The Tell Tale Heart Snippet
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  • Gotta be quiet, he turned a bit so he must have heard me. Maybe tonight is the night...
  • Did I just hear something... N-no I couldn't have, l-let me just k-keep quiet.
  • *Groan*
  • Finally, I can see the "vulture eye", wide open and hideous... Even now it still sends chills down my spine.
  • Slowly, little by little, the narrator poked his head into the Old Man's room. He usually made absolutely no noise, but this night he made a little sound and the old man lay awake quietly just listening out. Trying to convince himself that he's just hearing regular house noises.
  • The sounds the old man was hearing started getting to him so he sat up and shouted, "Who's there?!?" The narrator kept completely silent and still as to not alarm the old man any more than he already had. The narrator stayed there completely still for over and hour, the old man still sitting up the whole time out of fear. He even groaned out of sheer fright.
  • The old man still hadn't laid back down, so the narrator just goes for it and decides he's going to see the old mans "vulture eye". He opened the lantern a very small bit and shined it on the old mans weird eye. He was finally able to see it wide open, which was he wasn't able to do nights before because the old man was always sleep.
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