da story
Updated: 2/10/2020
da story

Storyboard Text

  • ok, are we ready?
  • intro
  • yea, and i'm going to win this time!
  • yea, right you wish!
  • event 1
  • Grr.... ~snarls~
  • huh? what was that?
  • event 2
  • i don't want to know!!
  • grrr! ~snarl~
  • we should go check it out
  • jack, tyrone, max we'er play in the're tree house they had the're fathers build for them in the summer.
  • climax
  • ugh, the' remaking me do this...
  • then suddenly a few hours later a loud snarling sound came from under the tree house...
  • rising action
  • RAWR!
  • AHHH!!!!
  • oh no-
  • the friends heard this weird sound and we'er going to check it out just to be safe...
  • falling action
  • max!
  • jack & tyrone forced max to go check it out first max didn't like this idea but he went with it anyways.
  • Then suddenly the huge creature jumped out from behind the tree!
  • there was a sharp scream suddenly broke the silences along with loud growling and then it was all quite....
  • AHHHH!!!