Doctor Who
Updated: 2/3/2021
Doctor Who

Storyboard Text

  • WOW! Somebody's built an exact replica of a pub on the moon!
  • Give it up! You are so rubbish.
  • Not that far out.It's weird, though. I checked all the controls as we were coming in and we were definitely heading for the moon.
  • Go and check the TARDIS, then.
  • NEWS
  • The space-suited Doctor stood in the doors, looking anywhere but at Rose.
  • A Dalek!
  • Rose could tell Doctor was really conserned .
  • Doctor! Doctor, what are you doing?
  • Whenever Rose came back to Earth, she liked to catch up on the news.
  • To be continued...
  • Suddenly, Rose saw something strange in the newspaper. She ran for the TARDIS - and the police box slammed shut in her face.
  • Five seconds later, the TARDIS was gone.