The Construction of Crime- Deviance over the Years

Updated: 9/18/2021
The Construction of Crime- Deviance over the Years

Storyboard Text

  • 1985
  • 2020
  • Have you seen what what Jennifer's son did to his body!
  • No, what happened?
  • He got two tattoos! His body is all marked up.
  • Oh my God how! does he expect to get jobs? Or look professional?
  • Jennifer's son must have some bad influences in his life.
  • Everyone knows that people with tattoos are likely deviants and criminals! No one else I know has them and I can't imagine why you'd want one!
  • Oh my God! What is that on your arm!?
  • I'm thinking of getting one too!
  • It looks so good! Does it mean anything?
  • You got a tattoo! I LOVE it!
  • With time, people's norms and values change. As society shifts and changes over the years, as does the view of what is considered deviant and what isn't. At one point, tattoos went against societal norms, but now they are more mainstream and common! Even what is and what isn't considering criminal can change over time- just look at how the laws regarding marijuana usage have changed!