Lord of the Flies 1D

Updated: 9/3/2021
Lord of the Flies 1D

Storyboard Text

  • This is my visual of when the older kids lose sight of the boy with the mulberry mark when the other kids ran off to find firewood leaves and vines to make fire and smoke ad hes lost in it and sadly hes never heard from again hes dead but this is what my representation would be notice the panic and worry on his face in his situation.
  • This is my visual of after the fire where this would be jack frustrated trying to finally catch the pig but it still gets away and he's complaining and teh setting of it is the forest and the fog is to represent how dark it can be further on into the forest where the trees are bigger the vines are thicker.
  • These little homes on the beach is my visual of Ralph and Simon building huts for everyone to sleep in until they are rescued I only put so many to show tat that is the end goal of it all while Jacks hunting in the forest for meat Simon and Ralph building huts on the beach but it's taking awhile because all the other kids not helping all the other kids want to swim relax chill have fun while Ralph ad Simon try to put up the substantial amount of huts for everyone on the island i chose this particular angle based on it being because they like to play in the water all the time or they always by it or in it.