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Updated: 9/28/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Ferdinand Magellan
  • Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in northern Portugal. He grew up in a wealthy family and served as a page in the royal court. He enjoyed sailing and exploring and sailed for Portugal for many years.
  • Magellan had traveled to India by sailing around Africa, but he thought of another route through west and around the Americas. The King of Portugal did not agree and argued with Magellan. Finally, Magellan went to King Charles V of Spain who agreed to fund the voyage.
  • Setting Sail
  • Magellan set sail to find another route to eastern Asia. He had over 270 men and 5 boats under him. The boats were called the Trinidad, the Santiago, the Victoria, the Concepcion, and the San Antonio. This was September of 1519.
  • They first sailed across the Atlantic and to the Canary Islands. From there they sailed south to Brazil and the coast of South America.
  • Mutiny
  • (*bad and cold weather)
  • As Magellan's ships sailed south the weather turned bad and cold. On top of that, they had not brought enough food. Some of the sailors decided to mutiny and tried to steal three of the ships. Magellan fought back, however, and had the leaders executed.
  • Finding the Passage
  • Magellan found the passage he was seeking as he continued to sail south. He called the passage the All Saints' Channel (Straits of Magellan)
  • Magellan Dies
  • The ships headed to Philippines after stocking up the supplies, but Magellan got involved in an argument with local tribes. Magellan and about 40 of his men were killed.
  • A lof of
  • other
  • Returning to spain
  • They were back to Spain in September of 1522. It was 3 years of journey with only one original boat and 18 original members back safe, but they had made the first trip around the world.
  • The Victoria
  • Finally he entered into a new ocean on the other side of the new world. He called the ocean the Pacifico, meaning peaceful.
  • people
  • dead
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