The sniper english assignment
Updated: 5/18/2020
The sniper english assignment

Storyboard Text

  • 1) (INCITING INCIDENT) The republican sniper sits smoking after he eats a meal. The other sniper shoots at him because he sees him light a smoke. He misses the shot he takes at the republican sniper.
  • 2) The republican sniper shoots the soldier that is located in the tank and in control of the tanks weapon. He also shoots the informant. They both are killed. A man from the tank looked to find the sniper but could't find him.
  • I feel bad for them. Am I making the right choice?
  • 3) The republican sniper gets shot in the arm after he shoots the man and woman. The bolt hits his arm and sticks into his bone instead of going straight through his arm.
  • Not my brother
  • 4) (CLIMAX) In order to fool the other sniper, he drops his left arm over the edge of the roof to look as if he was dead. He then shoots the other sniper with a revolver and he drops dead off the street and onto the ground.
  • 5) The republican sniper feels guilt for killing the three people and for the war its self. He feels bad about all the loss of life over the fight.
  • 6) (RESOLUTION) The republican sniper decides that he really wants to know who the other sniper is and wonders if it is somebody he may know. In then discovers after lookin that it is his own brother.