Updated: 2/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Benjamin Banneker: Inventor
  • A neighbor decided to leand me a pocket watch. I took it apart and analyzed the parts, assembled it back together, than returned it. I decided to make a wooden clock.
  • Benjamin Banneker: Abolitionist
  • I am sick and tired of us African Americans being treated like second class humans! They take us from our home and beat us and force us to do yard work for countless hours and kill us cause we are Black!!
  • Benjamin Banneker: Surveyor
  • How Benjamin Banneker got the idea of the wooden clock was when his rich neighbor lent him his watch for the night. Banneker disassembled the watch and analyzed the parts. He reassembled it and returned it to him.
  • This is him speaking about discrimination against black/ African Americans. I'm not sure if he really did this but that's something an abonlitist would do