Third Grade Storyboard for Math

Updated: 9/10/2020
Third Grade Storyboard for Math

Storyboard Text

  • I think I remember repeat addition..
  • Today we will use repeat addition to find totals... how can you break down 5x7 to find its total?
  • I do not know what she is talking about....
  • I am happy to help you! We can use candy for our manipulative if you want!
  • I am stressing out because I do not remember how to do this... can you help me?
  • We have separated m&m's into 5 different groups of 7... if we add them all up we get the total for the equation 5x7
  • Oh, I get it!! So five groups of 7 m&m's each equals 35 m&m's! So 5x7= 35!Now, lets eat!!