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Primary accession
Updated: 5/20/2020
Primary accession
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  • Primary Succession
  • Bare Rock
  • bare rock is exposed, providing a habitat that can be colonized for the first time.
  • lichens enable algae to live all over the world in many different climates, they also provide a means to convert carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through photosynthesis into oxygen.
  • Lichens
  • mosses move into the area and outcompete the lichens, replacing them. Insects may move into the area and begin to fertilize the area with their remains.
  • Small annual plants, Lichens
  • Perennial herbs, grasses
  • more complex plants begin to move into the area, such as ferns and eventually wildflowers.
  • larger plants such as hardwood trees begin to colonize the area because the soil has gotten deep enough to support their roots.
  • grasses, shrubs, shade-intolerant trees
  • shade-intolerant trees
  • climax community, which is a very stable stage that can endure for hundreds of years.
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