Updated: 5/13/2020
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  • '"So here at home we’ll plot his certain death:/ he must never slip through our hands again,/ that boy—while he still lives,/ I swear we’ll never bring our venture off.'" (bk 16 pg 275)
  • "'If the decrees of mighty Zeus commend the work,/ I'll kill the prince myself"' (bk 16 pg 276)
  • "'who’ll lift a hand against Telemachus, your son,/ not while I walk the land and I can see the light./ I tell you this—so help me, it will all come true—/ in an instant that man’s blood will spurt around my spear! (bk 16 pg 277)
  • '“You, Antinous! Violent, vicious, scheming—/ you, they say, are the best man your age in Ithaca,/ best for eloquence, counsel. You’re nothing of the sort!/ Madman, why do you weave destruction for Telemachus?'" (bk 16 pg 276)
  • "But Athena had approached Laertes’ son Odysseus/,tapped him with her wand and made him old again./ She dressed him in filthy rags too, for fear Eumaeus,/ recognizing his master face-to-face, might hurry/ back to shrewd Penelope, blurting out the news/ and never hide the secret in his heart." (bk 16 pg 277 to 278)
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