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Unit 1 Layered activity: Comic strip Story Board (Chapter 1 & 2) Juan C. Ri
Updated: 9/6/2020
Unit 1 Layered activity: Comic strip Story Board (Chapter 1 & 2) Juan C. Ri
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  • So tell me Mr.Ben Franklin what do you think should be the main functions of a government?
  • Well Thomas in my personal opinion I think governments should provide public service,economic assistance, social order and of course strong leadership.
  • I propose Popular sovereignty,republicanism, Federalism, Separation of powers, Checks and balances,Limited Government,and Individual rights
  • Washington what do you propose be the principles of Government in order to ensure civil freedom and fair control?
  • Well child there are about 6 different types of economies including Capitalism, Socialism, Mixed Economies, Democratic Socialism, and Communism. A governments role when dealing with these economies is to regulate and deregulate them in the way they see fit.
  • Excuse me sir could you please tell me what the different types of economies are and what the governments role is in them?
  • What influenced the development of our government institutions?
  • Both of these documents helped lay the groundwork for the Constitution
  • Magna Carta - first document to placed limitations of power on the English MonarchTaxation in1215
  • Bill of Rights - established the basic rights for all English citizens in 1791
  • Well student, after creating their own institutions and colonies they didn't necessarily feel British and instead felt oppressed by being under British rule and taxation. So soon after they began revolting and protesting until finally officially declaring independence.
  • Teacher could you explain how and why the colonists declared independence?
  • The Article of Confederations was the first constitution of the United States which featured a weak central government, leaving most of the power with the state governments. This document served as a rough draft for the current Constitution which includes Congress having the power to tax, additional branches of government, and giving the federal government the ability to create an army.
  • What are the Articles of confederation and what effect did they have on the constitution?
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