Updated: 3/12/2020

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  • Injustice of classes in TKAM
  • But, Miss Caroline he's a Cunningham.
  • By: Landon Beisner
  • You do not talk to a guest like that!
  • Whenever Scout starts to go to school, the author exhibits how it was back then with social injustice. Scout didn't think she was doing anything wrong by telling Miss Caroline that Walter was just a cunningham and he wouldn't take anything he couldn't pay back for. Now, today we know that this would be wrong to say, but she had no idea and thought there wasn't a problem with this.
  • What are you doing!
  • Whenever Burris Ewell called Miss Caroline a bunch of bad names, the class simply expected that to happen because that was just how they thought of him. They told Miss Caroline that is just how he was, and he went the first day and didn't return. This is why he failed 1st grade multiple times. 
  • Scout does not think that she did anything wrong whenever she was asking what Walter was doing drenching his food in sauce. Walter was doing this because he did not have money and he wanted as much food as he could get. Calpurnia then takes Scout into the other room, and scolds her for talking to him like that. I think Scout does this because she doesn't know what it is like to be poor.
  • Scout see's that Walter is drenching his food in gravy because he does not know where his next meal will come from and so he is getting as much as he can. Scout thinks that this is gross and impolite so she asks why he is doing it. After this she is asked to leave the room and gets in trouble with Calpurnia. This is another example of Scout not knowing that this was a wrong thing to say.
  • The Cunningham family needed Atticus' help in court and they didn't have much money. Scout was just used to people paying her father with money, so she wondered why they paid them back by giving them crops and plants. Atticus tells Scout that they didn't have enough money to pay so this was the only way they could pay back Atticus.