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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Proclamation of 1763
  • FIRE
  • Taxation without Representation
  • lets taxes the people in america
  • Stamp act
  • Cause There were still violent attacks near the western borders from AmericanIndians description Prohibit colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountainseffect Colonists were FURIOUS that Britain would not allow them to settle on the land that had been fought for
  • the townshend duties
  • cause Parliament decided that Americans should start paying for their own defense description Parliament passed a series of laws that raised taxes in the colonies effect Colonists did not have a representative in Parliament to agree to or disagree with the newtaxes
  • tea act (may 1773)
  • cause american would not let parliament tax them because they did not have representative description Required that every official document, newspaper,or pamphlet had to have an expensive government stamp effect Colonial assemblies sent petitions asking Parliament to change the law Colonists boycotted British goods, and a few radicals captured British tax collectors andtarred and feathered them
  • Boston tea party(1773)
  • make sure all of the tea is gone.
  • cause Placed new taxes on paper, paint, glass,lead, and tea description Once again, Parliament taxed the colonies without consulting anyone living in thecolonies effect Colonists organized committees to protest the Townshend Duties, soBritain sent over more troops to keep the peace
  • thing are having more money to them now
  • cause Parliament declared that colonists could only buy tea from the British East India Company,BUT they lowered the cost of the tea description This meant that the colonists got the best tea in the world at a fraction of the price effect Colonists again protested and set up boycotts
  • we can only buy tea from Britain know.
  • cause A British ship arrived in Boston Harbor carrying British tea description Sons of Liberty disguised as American Indians boarded the ship and threw all of its tea into the harbor effect This act of defiance cost Britain millions of dollars, and was the final straw in trying to reason with the colonists
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