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Great White Shark Storyboard
Updated: 5/16/2020
Great White Shark Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Begin to migrate south for Winter
  • Reach migration destination
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Great White sharks migrate south for Winter. They do this for seasonal feeding and mating
  • Great White Sharks and Their Children
  • The Great White Sharks migrate every Winter and once they arrive they are treated to plenty of food and a place to have offspring
  • Why do Great White Sharks travel together?
  • When sharks eat they eat in frenzies. This is because sharks have a very good sense of smell and know when prey is bleeding and tends to come and steal some of the food from the shark who worked to kill or scavenge the animal.
  • Social Behaviors of a Great White Shark
  • A baby Great White Shark is called a pup. The Great White Shark mother usually watches over the pup or pups. Once the pups mature they leave their mother.
  • Great White Sharks travel together for protection from the occasional killer whale attack ad to make sure one shar doesnt get lost on their journey.
  • In conclusion, great White Sharks social behaviors are migration and cooperative hunting.
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