An Adventure

Updated: 10/15/2020
An Adventure

Storyboard Text

  • STOP!
  • A mysterious figur wandered into a unkown cave discovering a mysterious crystal holding unknown power
  • the mysterious figuer sees two people fighting and decides to interfere so no one gets hurt by using the crystals power to stop them
  • once he had stoped the fight, the night had stated that the women to his right was unjustedly attacked villages, the women who was actually the queen of the underworld started to yell that it was the kingdoms fault for attacking her land
  • once the had reached the underworld they heard a monsteruse rore and when the had followed the sow an enormuse demon destroying the surrounding area. the Started to head in to battle getting ready to slay the demon
  • as they were fighting the demon, it had struck down knight as he was holding it off so the queen and the hero to seal it but even thought he was struck down he kept fighting
  • no knight !
  • After the hero was able to place the seal onto the monsteruse demon it had turned to stone and have impresonded him him there for all eternity. Ater it was done the had all left to gether and help the knight get to a hospital.