Glorouis revolution

Updated: 9/22/2020
Glorouis revolution

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  • Charles II becomes king of England
  • As the new King of England I promise to restore our country from the damages caused by Cromwell.
  • Habeas corpus is passed
  • We believe it would be wise to limit your powers your majesty.
  • I agree, no one person should have this much power.
  • Catholic James II becomes king of England
  • As King I promise to not spread my false religious beliefs.
  • In 1660 Charles II becomes the King of England. He restores monarchy in England after the reign of Oliver Cromswell who was a military dictator.
  • James II appoints Catholics to high offices
  • It is great to see more Catholics gain political power.
  • Charles II agrees to pass the Habeas Corpus. The law gave the English people the right to a judge. This effectively limited the King's power as he could no longer imprison people without trial.
  • James II's catholic son is born
  • My wife and I have decided to raise our new born son as a Catholic
  • In 1685 James II becomes the first Catholic King of England. This caused controversy as at the time England was heavily anti Catholic.
  • Mary and William overthrow James II
  • James II begins to appoint Catholics to high offices. The parliament was against this as they were anti Catholic protestants. They wanted as little of the King's religion in the government.
  • In 1688 King James's son was born becoming the heir to the throne. James II announced that he will be raised as a Catholic. This made the Plarliament worried that the future monarch family would all convert to Catholicism.
  • The parliament convinced James II's protestant daugther Mary to overthrow her dad. Mary and her Dutch husband William of Orange brought their army to England and forced James II out of the country.
  • I Mary am the rightful heir to the English throne!