Between shades of grey

Updated: 1/7/2019
Between shades of grey

Storyboard Text

  • Lina and her family were being taken away from her house by the NKVD.
  • Lina's mother was in a hurry with only 20 min to get everything they needed to leave the house. Lina and her brother were very confused.
  • Lina and her family were taken from their home and taken to a truck.
  • They were put onto a truck that was filled with people that she recognized around town. She was confused of why they were getting taken away. 
  • They stopped at a hospital they thought the man that jumped off the truck was going to get treatment but instead they were arresting a women who had just gave birth with her child.
  • From their they were taken off the truck and got on a train with a long trip ahead of them.