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English project number 1
Updated: 10/2/2020
English project number 1
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Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus enters the cave
  • Odysseus Stabs Polyphemus
  • Odysseus reaches Aeolus's Island
  • Odysseus and his man enter the cave with his men and gets capture with men by Polyphemus.And Polyphemus eat two of his menBook 9, 280-286 His reached out seized two of them and smashed them to the ground like puppies. Their brains spattered out and oozed into the dirt
  • Odysseus sacrificing a lamb
  • Odysseus throws a wooden spear at Polyphemus pg223 Book9Hoisting high that olive stake with its stabbing point straight into the monsters eye they rammed it hard
  • Odysseus talking to Tiresias
  • Odysseus and his men reach Aeolus' island and he entertains them for a year and gives them wind.Book 10 PG: 230 we reach the Aeolian island next, the home of Aeolus, Hippotas son, brloved by the gods who never died
  • Odysseus fights Charybdis and Scylla
  • Odyssey followed Circes instruction and sacrificing a lamb so he could talk to TiresiasBook 11 PG: 250here at the spot Perimedes abd Eurylochus held the vivtims fast and I, drawing my sharp sword from beside my hip dug a trench about forearm long
  • Odysseus talks to Tiresias. Tiresias gives him warnings about my journey home. Also told him what he must do to ensure a happy death.Still enraged because you blinded the cyclops his dear son you and your crew may still reach home but suffering all the wayBook11 PG: 252
  • Odysseus and his men have to fight off the Charybdis and Scylla.Book 12 PG: 278But now, fearing death, all eyes fixed on Charybdis now Scylla snatched sic men from our hollow ship
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