Unknown Story

Updated: 9/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • why did i where dark colers they always make things warm
  • finnaly where here yay
  • yeah if been walking for hours why did i deside to where high heels
  • i i i im sorry
  • i came here because of you lied to me you said that you where moving in a mansion but instead you stayed in this apartment youre best freind did
  • but dad who told you this
  • apoligy not accepted
  • how could you do this to me
  • hi dad what are you /doing here?
  • but why now i need to move but if you apoligys that way then i wil accept it
  • what are you doing here
  • its like that you whant me t leave
  • i came here to apoligys
  • i was angry then i told youre dad
  • thank you best im glad where freinds again